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I am making this just for fun :3
BABY is my favorite brand, I think.... *u*
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May. 3rd, 2015

Also apparently I made this while under teh influece


Answer for question 4164.

What's the last thing you took a picture of? Did you use a phone or an actual camera?
I took a photo of my teddy bear for her fanpage. I don't own a camera :D Used my phone

Aug. 28th, 2014

Boohoo fb got blocked at work more efficiently than before. Proxies haven't been working either. Sad face

Chat on G+ instead now


100 Words (HabitRPG challenge)

We don't like to talk about things we don't understand.
On the other hand, we love to talk about things when we think we can make other people understand.
We enjoy feeling superior; the instinctual dominance factor. Talking down or talking over others. Creating big issues out of what once was a small problem. Contrariwise, we dismiss the big issues we don't want to acknowledge as overreaction.
Nothing is simple when you look at it for too long. Blank canvas becomes layers of woven fibers and applied finishes with bleached threads of differences between peoples and ideals.
We are human.


testyhis app is in russian

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Watching TV

I like the judges on Top Model better than Project Runway because the judges on Top Model actually have differing opinions sometimes and like or hate different parts of photos or even the same part and talk about it. The judges on Project Runway just say the same stuff as each other and when I disagree with them I feel like I'm wrong and I'm going to be a bad designer forever.

But that's OK because they live in a colored box.


Question of the Day

Last time I exercise?

Whenever my last dance class at school was :D

Memoir Moment~ The Theory of Sweat

When I was in grade school I thought that sweat was water droplets in the air that stuck to your skin. Since MN is pretty dry, we don't sweat just from standing around much.

We learned about evaporation in school, and the teacher said that the water goes into the air, so I figured it made sense that the water that appeared on our skin was the accumulation of the tiny droplets in the air.

Then I wondered why we didn't sweat when walking, but did when running. So I figured, the droplets have repelling power, rather like magnets, so when you walk, the water will be "repelled" and so they don't stick to us. But when running, we would "break" the repelling effect because we were moving so fast, so the water would quickly accumulate into sweat on our skin, like how if you force repelling magnets together, you can still make them touch.

Applying logic and grade school science to daily life. I was a genius.

X Love

Take one pink kiss
To balance the waves
Take one more
To sail away
Take three pink hugs
Laugh out loud
Take five total
Silence the crowd

Thirty candies
Sneak their way in
Plus thirty pink loves
The world starts to spin

Sixty is magic
Sleeping away
Apathy, sad, sick
Forced to replay


Woke up in a depression and skipped work and basically didn't do stuff good. Did som ecrafting and mailed out a Postecrossing back ith cards. Got money from the ATM to spend on food I shouldn't be eating

Canceled LUXY plans and Tex and I went out for dinner instead
IT was nice

Found Jay and Adam's new smoothie shop. Really good. Feels healthy. The shop decor and layout and the cups design are all really cute
I cannot believe they've got their own shop. Gotta support them! haha

I'm all drugged up right now hope it works I'm gonna go t obed nd not fight it because I actuallly sometimes win these fights which is not supposed to happen because I'm on really strong sedatives apparently so yeah hahahahaha
Gonna make the rest of this week POSITIVE because so tired of anxiety and depression and self-doubt and other issues limiting what I do but I gotta be stronger ad I feel like there are bubbles hiding in the keyboard what are tehy doing get out


Dream Diary

Texas Thomas asked about going to the hot springs and then I fell asleep
He'd also previously mentioned how his friend Russel met Adam (Canadian) in Austin, Texas and then the three randomly ran into each other in Taipei and Tex said he'd be going to my b-day party and Adam said he knew me so that's really weird

Taiwan is ancient Egypt. We are under attack from China and Japan. The ghosts are flying through the pyramids and streets as I fly around avoiding the enemy ghost army. Ancient Egyptian treasure-traps are in the pyramids and we all wait around for the walls to become activated. I'm floating above the enemy spirits to try and sneak in to grab the treasure-weapon before they do.
The walls swirl and we fly in. The mirror traps send us everywhere and I fly out before I am caught in the chaos. I did not get the weapon.
Tex says we must drive north to Canada to escape the attack on Taiwan. He's in charge of driving, but wants to stop for coffee in Fresno. I agree, and suggest asking Jay and Adam for directions/guidance since they are Canadian.

At some point I'm a twin with my identical twin who is a guy with long hair and we get red hair when we turn into vampires. We don't actually look alike except everybody thinks we look alike and we look exactly the same. He loses his vampire powers at the end as we're escaping the werewolves and is able to live as a human though he is sad about losing his powers but they will come back as needed. I need to continue to Canada to escape the invasion


Awesome Day Time Talk

Doing medication post but watch eme do it well

Woke up early, went to bed, woke up, Google Hangout with Evan and Pudding and Kippy
Looking up monokinis
Want to reconstruct my old bras
I hop eth ebras I bought with Estrella get here soon and FIT!!!!! Ugh

I don't thin kI did anthynig prdouctive etogu. I cleaned a little

Then I went to my grandparents' prace and bought a lrazor and then waited for my mom and then we went up and then we went out for hotpot ath a different place wthich was all you can eat and I ate all veg because I want to be a real vegetarian so no more seoafood if I can get away with it :)

And then we newt to Poya and I got while eyeliner from Maybelinen I think it's good Iwant to try the white color and alo a baby lips chapstick in pink blast it's really lovely maybe I'll bo rec]ies on my blog but my blog is moreing nd nobody read s it so yeah

Went crazy and cleae my coob at aie at eaccit oriit]ec ati hook pdohon on batybe mirr io a huhociar tutoarl later and I sohuld sleep now but I Think that was ymy day I don't remember anything els so yeah good night


Live to Die Another Day (WIP)

Wake up feeling
Drained and empty
Thoughts still reeling
Numb already
Brave the day with dead emotions

Off to service
Don't be nervous
Man your station
Give unto us full devotion

Be creative
No excuses
Mind refuses
Sink into a toxic ocean

Forceful blinking
Eyes not seeing
Sunlight streaming
Ears still ringing
Everything moves in slow-motion

Bleed out all her magic potion

Charcoal flowing
Hands bound firmly
Tension growing
End the journey
Drug the mind to drown the notion

End emotion
Dear devotion
Only oceans
Making motions
Poisoned potions
Numb the notion


I am drunk

Not sleeping just bing drunk and eating cookings and editing the image I want for tmy tthigh tat

I think it's pretty fool it'l three different images I shopped together I hop eit looks godo when I'm sober




AAAAAHHHH so I did not make the cut for the fashion show but there are a few open spots and basically some revision needs to be done and my teacher actually said something similar to a design Kaia did at MCTC with the cape-dress because my dress is so long that it is heavy and drags so she wants me to twist it up (the jacket has a twist-front) and make it look like a cape or something and then pull it down into a dress

I also recently saw a designer fashion who did something similar so I will look into that when I'm not on dddrrreegggssss ooorrmmmmegggg

A3 Progress 12

A3 Progress 1

Secret Flower Garden

So I still have hope. Going to the graduation show tomorrow with friends
Getting woozy now. Need to do stuff quick and put it together because I pass out


Muddled Words in cloudy thoughts

In dreams we find what we have lost
To capture wisps of fleeting time
Reclaim the thoughts that we had tossed
In vain to erase from our minds
We soulless beasts who walk the land

On top of all but it's still crap
So wake us from the delusion
As empty vessels we are trapped
The world we made of seclusion
Will crumble as we watch first hand



The keyword for my line is Wanderlust and this is a word vomit of thy thoughts and ty to correct my typos becaus ejust putting everything out there

We walk through life on pahts etched out for us
We say th ewords we were taught to say to fit in
After countless years of pointles toil when we've forgotten the dreams and imagination
Wen creativity is derived from drugs and trauma
When the twisted become the praised
We slowy open our enyes and wish to walk away

But the chains of our habts bind us here
You take a step and pull yourself back
We are tied down by habits and comfort and money and responsibility

Forget it all
if you orget this
You ar efere to find who you are

We all have it inside
We are searching and searching for the ultimate
Th esecret garden we each hold dear
IT's your decision
Ruled by fear
It's your decision
Bound by doubt
It's your decision
Swayig back and forth like reeds in th ewind
Tear out your roos and fly to th esky
We travel th eworld to esacpe the known
We seek out others with like-minded views
We can travel together

Oly to find
My secret garden
it is not yours
Your secret garden
IT is not mine
We are not fit

The secret garden, we found it
But it is not out there
It is not up there
It is not in there
It is in here
We found our secret gardens in our hearts
They are neglected and dying
But they are there
We can bring them back t olife
Fresh breath
After a long journey
The garden welcomes your aching feet
Fall back
And close your eyes for your first real sleep
Knowing you will wake in peace
Nowhere to go, nowhere t obe
You ar efree in your mind
The boyd goes on
The mind now soar

I'll mike these thonughs comprehensive and then in CHine in the morning when my home wrofm from work and put ti and print it I need to do more editing I cannot do photos
The feeling now in my head is flying


Apr. 25th, 2013

I was at LUXY being drunk and dancing (because that's what you do)
There was a white guy (there were quite a few of those) who passed by me several times.
Each time he passed, I caught a whiff of pumpkin spice.
I'm not sure if the alcohol had messed with my scent receptors, but every time it struck me as a very clear pumpkin spice smell. I had half a mind to ask him if it was actually supposed to be a pumpkin spice scent, but it was loud, it was crowded, and I would rather be dancing